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How Your Thoughts Influence Your Weight

Did you know that the way you think influences your food choices? And your food choices, of course, impact your weight. All of us, at some point, have cognitive distortions - irrational thoughts - that influence our emotions and choices. If you're wondering why you...

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Why Buy Seasonal Produce?

Today we're discussing seasonal produce! We're talking about what seasonal produce is, why you might want to pay attention to the season, and where to find it! Plus, we'll include which items are in-season this Spring. As the season goes from winter to spring, the...

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Which Type of Milk Should I Buy?

Have you been confused about which types of milk to buy? It wasn't that long ago that the only types of milk available were cow's milk and soymilk. Nowadays, there are at least 6-8 different types of milk to choose from. Which one is best? What are the pros and cons...

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Should I Take an Omega 3 Supplement?

We're digging into omega 3 supplements today! We'll address questions about their benefits, uses, safety, and more. So, if you've been curious to know about whether you should be taking an omega 3 supplement, read on! What are Omega 3 Fatty Acids? First, let's explain...

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The Explosion of Food Allergies

It may seem like in the past decade there has been a major increase in food allergies. Most food products have symbols on their packages such as "Gluten-Free," "Soy Free," "Dairy-Free," and so on. It makes you wonder, why are they labeling these now? Should I avoid...

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IBS: What Is It?

It’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) awareness month! Did you know there are different types of IBS? Did you also know that there are different recommendations for each of the different types? We'll begin by discussing the different types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome...

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What is the Glycemic Index?

If you have diabetes, insulin resistance, or are considering a low-carb diet for any other reason, you might come across the term Glycemic Index. According to how much it increases blood sugar levels, there is a Glycemic Index (GI) value for each food. In this post,...

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Benefits of Breakfast for Diabetes

Breakfast is the most commonly skipped meal, but is that something that we need to change? We’ve all heard 100 times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is it really? Read on to learn about the benefits of breakfast for those with diabetes....

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