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I’ve been working with Wendy for about 9 months.  In that relatively short period of time I’ve gone from 14  to 10% body fat, I’m sleeping better, and I feel great. I’m much more educated in regards to the dietary choices I make, which is critical to long term weight management success.

Wendy has a very common sense approach which works well for me.  Between her guidance, an app on my phone and solid counseling I was able to change my habits and meet my goals.  Wendy is knowledgeable, approachable, and encouraging.  She doesn’t shy away from honest feedback which I really like.  I need to know where I’m making mistakes so I can stop making them.

I also really like the fact that the long term goal is for the individual to change their eating habits and then become self-sufficient.  If, as a patient, you do your part you won’t need counseling and diet tracking apps for life.  If you do your part you can manifest real change in 6-12 months.

I highly recommend Wendy and AZ Dietitians.  I had a great experience with her and I’m sure you will as well.  Thanks Wendy!

— A. Wirts

Very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient! Got just the information I wanted and needed!

— Judith Galloway

“Wendy is one of the most compassionate and friendly people that I have ever met. I met with her after being diagnosed with diabetes. She took all of my concerns and questions in stride, and provided me so much information in my first visit that I took with me and really took to heart. She was so genuinely excited for me when my weight started to drop and I was also genuinely excited to see that someone was so concerned for my well being overall, not just one aspect of it. I would highly recommend Wendy, as not only is she knowledgeable and will provide you correct information on how to manage your diagnosis, but it’s also nice almost having a “coach” on your side cheering on your success. Thank you so much Wendy!”

— Octavio

“She had great patience with me and answered all my questions!”

— Dee H.

I have short bowel syndrome (SBS). My husband and I have been working with Jenna Brunger since January. Jenna has been extremely helpful and I love working with her. I would recommend that anyone with bowel problems call Jenna.

— Cindy Devore

“Wendy is a very good at asking the right questions and listening. She took time to understand what my situation was and help me come up with a plan to progress. She helped me set realistic goals and work towards them. From my time with Wendy, I feel like I can eat much healthier, not just right now in a short term diet, but long term for years to come. I felt like Wendy was personally interested in seeing me progress, which made me want to progress even more. I have recommended Wendy to several friends and will continue.”

— Tyler

“I started working with Wendy when I was having a few health issues and wanting to lose the extra weight I had been carrying around. Best decision I made for myself. With weekly check-ins and helping me with what foods were best for me, I started to feel like myself again and lost weight in the process. I felt comfortable and knew that my concerns were taken into account and that Wendy truly cared about me. She listens and makes you feel like you are her top priority. I would recommend her to anyone in a heart beat. She changed my life and how I think about my health now.”

— L. Sanchez

Jenna was very pleasant to work with here at AZ Dietitians. Not only did she make it a comforting and positive experience for me, but she more than helped me to achieve my dietary goals. 100% recommend consulting with her!

— Haley Bunschoten

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